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Crystal Rock Lighting



lasvit-crystal-rock-by-arik-levy-architectural lighting_design_lighting solutions_professional lighting designer_lighting consultant_home automation lighting_led lighting_on_lexar_lighting

lasvit-crystal-rock-by-arik-levy-architectural lighting_design_lighting solutions_professional lighting designer_lighting consultant_home automation lighting_led lighting_on_lexar_lighting

These pendants may look like faceted gemstones, but they’re actually cut glass pendant lamps. The Crystal Rock lights, designed by Arik Levy for Lasvit, are a collection of roughly sculpted, but precisely cut fixtures that almost look like a non-moving shooting star. The facets on the exterior and the curvy inner surfaces, mixed with the LED light source, create reflections and deflections of gleaming light.

Crystal Rock Lighting by Arik Levy for Lasvit in main home furnishings  Category


Not from the Stone Age but closer to Kryptonite, Crystal Rock appears in the cave of the future as an ambassador of the fusion between nature and man, light and reflection, transparency and mass.

Crystal Rock Lighting by Arik Levy for Lasvit in main home furnishings  Category

Crystal Rock debuted at Salone in Milan as part of Lasvit


Lasvit – Ice Chandelier



Configurable: Ice Chandelier by Daniel Libeskind for Lasvit, hand-blown by the master craftsmen at Lasvit, refracting light like a prism, is comprised of “clear glass ‘cells,’ blown into angular molds … then clustered together in a series of puzzle-like, triangular patterns” that can be twisted into an endless number of compositions.ice_chandelier_daniel_libeskind_2b.jpgDetails: One of 12 new designs for a variety of products, each fabricated by an “elite manufacturer,” launching at Milan Design Week, April 8 to 13, 2014.ice_chandelier_daniel_libeskind_3b.jpgDesigner: Architect Daniel Libeskind was born in Poland, studied architecture in New York, and at Essex University in England, and operates Studio Daniel Libeskind in NYC with his wife and business partner, Nina Libeskind.



Light e motion by Marcel Wanders



“It is our responsibility to be magicians, to be jesters, to be alchemists, to create hope where there is only illusion, to create reality where there are only dreams”. Marcel Wanders thus introduced the Barovier&Toso project at the Fuori Salone in Milan, from April 8th to 13th, 2014. An installation that was the fruit of imagination – fantasy, in film parlance – that held our hand and accompanied us into a magical world full of surprises, the very fabric of fairy tales and magic. Where everything was itself and its opposite, because they moved according to unpredictable laws and almost miraculously came to life.

A theatrical spectacle – because spectacular is the only way to define the cloisters of the Basilica of San Simpliciano, which have been transformed for the occasion into a wonderland courtyard filled with chandeliers reconfigured with anthropomorphic features: a mixture of forms that surprised and unsettled, because they travelled beyond imagination and challenged the most basic principles of physics.

The protagonists of this extraordinary performance were puppets and dancers: the former – Harlequins with ceramic faces and glass bodies moved by the invisible Mangiafuoco Puppet Master, populated the smaller cloister next to the church, the latter – elegant and graceful in their majesty, pirouetted on the extraordinary stage of the grand staircase of the main building. In the middle, rotating chandeliers and inverted pendulums swayed in slow perpetual motion.
Light sculptures that describe how emotion is, in fact, a movement (of the spirit) that Barovier&Toso crystallises in over seven hundred years of creations.


Lasvit – Moulds by Czech glassmakers

Moulds by Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus for Lasvit

Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus have designed a collection of hand-blown glass lights named Moulds, for manufacturer Lasvit.






Moulds is a collection of suspended lights, showcasing Czech crystal at its most resilient and lively form. The series captures a specific moment when molten glass resists its expected shape and freely escapes from the mould as a random, amorphous bubble. The energizing this series arises from the contrast of used materials, using the traditional craft techniques of blowing crystal glass into a beech form.

“The idea came when we came across a warehouse filled with old wooden moulds that Lasvit had in their archive. We were absolutely fascinated by the thought that something as delicate and pure in terms of form could be born out of something as raw and elementally primitive as charred glassmakers’ forms,” Jan Plechá? explained. Henry Wielgus added, “We successfully attempted to create a light that blends the elegance of crystal with the rustic beauty of wooden forms, pounded together with iron cramps. Our design takes its strength from the rougher side of the traditional glass craft that stands behind its production.”

The Moulds collection brings powerful emotions into an interior. The composition of varied ‘overblown’ shapes creates a particularly striking visual effect. Integrated LED light sources were set directly within the charred form, creating an impression that the heat and energy of the glassmaker’s kiln remained inside, in historic reference to the art of Czech glassmakers…

Design: Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus
Manufacturer: Lasvit

Photography by Martin Chum


ISALONI 2014 DelightFULL Lamps

iSaloni 2014

Design Studio | Delightfull LifeStyle 


Unique People, Unique Ideas, Unique Lamps
DelightFull’s Unique Lamps are produced in Oporto.
Full of inspiring places with vibrant and warm sun.
One brand with young creative team.
Sometimes they think that the lamps come from their own hands…
Well… maybe not!
Skilled professionals are in charge of that.
We love to create handmade pieces that inspire others…
And that will bring out the best in yourself.Music by TimeCoders#Song Neighbourhood


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