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Luminaire are getting smarter. Are you?

Industry leaders at the International Lighting Fixture Design conference discuss the future of lighting fixture design, including the evolution of luminaires, the shift towards smart lighting, innovations in the areas of data management and networking, and challenges such as glare control, rapid product development and patent disputes.

This video features:

Simon Aldred, Ledil
Henrik Clausen, Fagerhult Lighting Academy
Simon Cook, Lumicom
Arian Duijvestijn, Philips IP and Standards
Russell Fletcher, Harvard Engineering
Jason Ford, Osram
Rogier van der Heide, Philips
Rory Marples, iGuzzini
Ray Molony, Lux Magazine
Liz Peck, LPA Lighting
Phillip Pini, Crestron
Brian Price, Aston University
David Scott-Maxwell, Forge Europa
Dean Skira, Designer of iGuzzini’s Trick
Henrik Villumsen, Lighting patent expert
Sam Woodward, Havells Sylvania

Published on Jun 18, 2014 – video credits : Lux Magazine




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