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Retail Stores

As a Retail store, you may be well aware that without the correct lighting, merchandise and display features will not be presented correctly. By utilizing the appropriate targeted luminaires, shopper`s will experience an increased sense of well-being, thus making them stay in the store longer for a memorable experience.
The most recent research in the area of neurosciences has shown that more than 80% of buying decisions at point-of-sale (POS) are made unconsciously, mainly depending on influences addressing people`s emotions. Dynamic lighting plays a major role in this context, shopper`s do not only perceive the retail merchandise visually, but are touched by targeted lighting scenario`s at the emotional level.
At Lexar, our team of lighting consultants are experienced in advising retailers on tailored lighting products, developed to targeted shopper`s profile & demographics, accurately addressing  the savvy shopper`s requirements.








At the heart of Lexar Lighting you will discover an innovative, people-focussed team. We offer a unique experience in lighting interior spaces with high quality, energy efficient Lighting technologies with the flexibility to automate lighting effect and control. As lighting enthusiasts, we are dedicated in providing retailers with the very latest in lighting products, tailored around the retailer’s unique brand story.


“ let`s discuss your next project ”

“ As your lighting partner, we understand that project budgets are critical to the successful completion of your project. As such we remain flexible and will work with you, your contracting team and your preferred  Store designer. Together we arrive at the lighting design specification and product solution that works for you ”





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