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Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants are classic service enterprises. As such, they require a lighting atmosphere designed specifically to meet the needs of the cultivated guest and traveller. The quality of light this necessitates, does more than just enhance the visual impact of the hotel or restaurant architecture; first and foremost, it sets the stage for the guests themselves. An emotionally captivating lighting atmosphere transforms a stay into a memorable experience.
In attaining this goal, Lexar Lighting consultants pay close attention to contemporary lighting design criteria and, in particular to lighting quality. This is a factor shaped by a whole range of quality features, from illuminance, glare limitation, and luminance distribution to light colour, colour rendering, direction of light and modelling. The quality of artificial lighting plays a key role in shaping the image and brand story of upmarket hotels and restaurants.







At the heart of Lexar Lighting you will discover an innovative, people-focussed team. We offer a unique experience in lighting interior spaces with high quality, energy efficient Lighting technologies with the flexibility to automate lighting effect and control. As lighting enthusiasts, we are dedicated in providing hoteliers & restaurant owners with the very latest in lighting products, tailored around their unique brand story.


“ let`s discuss your next project ”

“ As your lighting partner, we understand that project budgets are critical to the successful completion of your project. As such we remain flexible and will work with you, your contracting team and your preferred  Interior designer  &  Architect. Together we arrive at the lighting design specification and product solution that works for you ”





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