APEX 101/10w LED

Lexar Lighting Products / architectural spotlights

Cut out: 80*80mm
Installation height: 116mm



# 101-3080-21/23                                (3000K, CRI80, 21°/23°)
# 101-3090-21/23                              
  (3000K, CRI90, 21°/23°)
# 101-4080-21/23                             
  (4000K, CRI80, 21°/23°)
# 101-4090-21/23                               
(4000K, CRI90, 21°/23°)                            


Wattage: 1*10W
Lamptype: Bridgelux Vero 10
Color rendering: CRI80 /CRI90
Ledcolor: 3000k /4000k

Lumen output (CRI80): 800Lm/900Lm
Lumen output (CRI90): 700Lm/800Lm

Thermal: Die-cast Aluminum heat sink
Trim color: Matt white & silver p/c
Reflector: Heat resistant, anti-glare lens
Dimmable: leading and trailing edge
Control gear: 220 VAC, PF >0.9
Protection: Class 2
Input: DC 350mA

Beam angles : 25°/31°

# APEX Luminaires integrates original Bridgelux USA packaged arrays
# Highest Luminaire – Luminous efficacy   @ 80Lm/w (3000k) & 90Lm/w (4000k)



APEX is a recessed, fixed aim luminaire
designed for interior accent & spot lighting
where high light quality is essential. Typical
applications include shopping centres, retail outlets, galleries /museums & upmarket residential.

APEX luminaires are designed around the
Bridgelux Vero 10 array LED modules with
industry leading color consistency
(1×2 MacAdam Ellipses) and outstanding
color rendering.


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