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As a Home owner, you may be well aware that without the correct lighting, even the most expensive and well-considered interior space can appear flat and uncomfortable. Conversely, basic fittings and furnishings can look fabulous if well lit.
Lexar Lighting provides a new generation of energy efficient controlled lighting, changing the way in how lighting can be used to enhance mood and lifestyle. New intelligent lighting controls allows for ease of management of light scenes, from a single source or mobile device. Modern full color solid state lighting solutions can produce 16 million colors including soft pastels & the full spectrum of white light, opening up a new world of possibilities.
Light scenes are more than just color changing, it can be everything from a relaxing warm glow to simulated day light indoors, and even immersive lighting effects in a way never experienced before. Lighting scenes can be programmed to emulate the human circadian rhythm, reflecting color temperatures from sunrise to mid day, to sunset and evening light simulation. Dynamic lighting scenes can energize your day, enhancing comfort and relaxation and restore the internal clock.








At the heart of Lexar Lighting you will discover an innovative, people-focussed team. We offer a unique experience in lighting interior spaces with high quality, energy efficient Lighting technologies with the flexibility to automate lighting effect and control. As lighting enthusiasts, we are dedicated in providing home owners with the very latest in lighting products, tailored around their unique requirements.


“ let`s discuss your next project ”

“ As your lighting partner, we understand that project budgets are critical to the successful completion of your project. As such we remain flexible and will work with you, your contracting team and your preferred  Interior designer   Architect. Together we arrive at the lighting design specification and product solution that works for you ”




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