“Magestic Gaint`s” – Layers by Axo Light

AXO light 

was born in inland Venice in 1996 and maintains its passion for the blown glass traditions and artisan workmanship of its Venetian origins, combined with avant-garde lighting techniques and innovative materials resulting in a very clear philosophy: 

Axo light are never ‘ casual’ nor follow the trends of the general lighting market. Axo light`s priorities are to transcend value & emotion and each product is the result of unique inspiration.



Voluptuous, multifarious, irresistibly magnetic

Layers is a collection of ceiling lamps and suspensions in metal frames, meticulously covered in hand- applied super-smooth flame proof pongé fabrics, a radiant explosion of colours, shapes & sizes reminiscent of modern African scale and geometrics. Whether fitted individually or in clusters, Layers are highly choreographic & especially appealing owing to their painstaking detail and the extreme lightness they convey despite their scale and dimension.



9 different lampshade sizes (from Ø 93 cm to 151 cm and heights of up to 300 cm), 10 colours in the catalogue, 8 basic shapes and 100 variants
The collection is based on 8 geometric shapes which can be clustered and arranged according to form and function.



Limitless lamp customisation

The Layers collection raises the extent to which customization is possible, offering a further possibility of choice between colours, shapes and sizes, in addition to the standard colours. Every product can therefore be developed between the engineering department and Lexar Lighting according to specific project requirements.

Compact packaging, rationalised shipping costs

The collection was devised specifically in relation also to the packaging, which is compact as the lampshades can be placed one inside the other so as to minimize the shipping volumes and consequently rationalize shipping and airfreight costs.






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