AXO`s Spillray – making the most of a small bedroom space..

AXO Light presents Spillray,

Featuring heat-resitant Pyrex™ borosilicate glass, with one, three, six, ten and twelve lights available in metallic bronze (new), crystal, orange, red and grey, with chrome-plated metal frames. Spillray is an elegant collection of staggered glass pendants, where all potential different combinations create delicate task and ambient light scenes.

From a practical point of view, useful peripheral space is freed up when Spillray is configured as bedside pendant lamps in maximizing the space utilization of bedroom suites.


axo light spillray-by-lexar-lighting for spearhead interior contracts

Spillray is also available as a wall light. Individually or grouped, the lamps in the Spillray collection fit easily into both home and contract environments, available in G4 Halo or LED options.



The diffusers are in Pyrex™ borosilicate glass and come in three different sizes and in the following versions: single, in series with 6 and 10 lights, and a circular arrangement of 3 and 12 lights.

The complete Axo Spillray catalogue is available through Lexar Lighting, SA agents for Axo Light.







BROKIS Knot Pendant Lamp

Knot designed by Chiaramonte Marin for Brokis is a pendant lamp in Czech blown glass. The design combines coarse natural fibres with smooth, transparent blown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified. Available in different models and finishes.



Full-bodied globes of varying shapes and sizes are penetrated by robust cords that seemingly pull the bottom of the glass inward for a bemusing effect. The LED light source is housed in a handsome top hood, which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned in an array of refined metal options. KNOTs are well-suited to both private and public interior spaces and make a particularly impressive statement above dining tables. The collection currently comprises four pendent lights and several coloured blown glass options. Available in different models and finish options.











“Magestic Gaint`s” – Layers by Axo Light

AXO light 

was born in inland Venice in 1996 and maintains its passion for the blown glass traditions and artisan workmanship of its Venetian origins, combined with avant-garde lighting techniques and innovative materials resulting in a very clear philosophy: 

Axo light are never ‘ casual’ nor follow the trends of the general lighting market. Axo light`s priorities are to transcend value & emotion and each product is the result of unique inspiration.



Voluptuous, multifarious, irresistibly magnetic

Layers is a collection of ceiling lamps and suspensions in metal frames, meticulously covered in hand- applied super-smooth flame proof pongé fabrics, a radiant explosion of colours, shapes & sizes reminiscent of modern African scale and geometrics. Whether fitted individually or in clusters, Layers are highly choreographic & especially appealing owing to their painstaking detail and the extreme lightness they convey despite their scale and dimension.



9 different lampshade sizes (from Ø 93 cm to 151 cm and heights of up to 300 cm), 10 colours in the catalogue, 8 basic shapes and 100 variants
The collection is based on 8 geometric shapes which can be clustered and arranged according to form and function.



Limitless lamp customisation

The Layers collection raises the extent to which customization is possible, offering a further possibility of choice between colours, shapes and sizes, in addition to the standard colours. Every product can therefore be developed between the engineering department and Lexar Lighting according to specific project requirements.

Compact packaging, rationalised shipping costs

The collection was devised specifically in relation also to the packaging, which is compact as the lampshades can be placed one inside the other so as to minimize the shipping volumes and consequently rationalize shipping and airfreight costs.







CALEX GIANT XXL LED Filament Megaglobe – when Big isn`t enough..

the CALEX GIANT XXL LED Filament Megaglobe – These huge eye catchers are design statements in their own right. To be paired with high ceilings, like lofts or bespoke restaurant accents. With this new classic globe shape you can’t go wrong in bringing a sense of nostalgia to any space and volume. The massive Energy Saving bulbs ships from CALEX Netherlands to most destinations worldwide. These Giant LED Filament bulbs are complimented by matching XXL E40 Cord sets in Antique Bronze or Industrial Black as optional accessories.



the CALEX GIANT XXL LED Filament Megaglobe G200 Led 11W E40 Gold finish has class A+ energy efficiency. For decorative, statement luminaires in 2100 Kelvin extra warm white light solutions. All lamps in the CALEX XXL Giant LED Filament series are infinitely dimmable and thus offer the possibility to adapt the light intensity individually to the mood and ambience required.

Each CALEX XXL Giant LED Megaglobe 11W filament lamp has a long service life of 15000 hours, compared to traditional 1000 hour incandescent lamps.



the CALEX GIANT XXL LED Filament Megaglobe G200 11W E40 Gold finish Filament

Rated light current 1250Lumens – Rated Power 11W – Rated voltage 240V – Colour rendering Ra 80 – Colour temperature 2100 Kelvin Extera warm white gold finish – E40 Screw base –  Total length 290mm, diameter 200mm – Warm up time (60%) 1.9 seconds, sound strength x 10 000 – Flicker free Dimming – Energy consumption : 11kw/1000h – Nominal Life 15 000h – Energy efficiency class A+ Contains zero mercury















 MEGAMAN®, a forward-thinking LED lighting solution provider, has announced  an entire line up of LED products which incorporates a ground-breaking Dim to Warm feature for a wide range of lighting applications. This technological breakthrough improves the dimming performance to follow exactly the dimming curve of familiar filament lamps and at the same time enables the LED lamps to emit a warmer light as they are dimmed, perfect for a more relaxing atmosphere in residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and bars and any project requiring dynamic lighting aesthetics.



MEGAMAN® Dim to Warm technology also makes it possible to offer true fit sizes and shapes across its range of LED retrofit lamps, making it the widest offer available with the look & feel of old technology but with all the benefits of Dynamic LED.

As the MEGAMAN® Dim to Warm lamps are dimmed from 100% to 10%, their colour temperature changes smoothly from a cool 2800K to a warm and cosy 1800K which imitates exactly the colour of dimmed incandescent or halogen. Perfect for creating a relaxing environment after a hard day at work or for setting the mood at special occasions, the full suite of Dim to Warm LEDs is an exciting addition to the MEGAMAN®range.



MEGAMAN® is the first lighting manufacture to offer a full range of Dim to Warm LED lamps, allowing both domestic consumers and lighting professionals alike to replicate the characteristics of incandescent and halogen lamps in their installations while offering the same level of lighting performance and compact profile as the traditional equivalents. The user will also benefit from all the cutting-edge features they expect of a MEGAMAN® LED throughout the range, including significant energy saving of up to 80%, longer rated life of up to 35,000 hours, high lumen maintenance and hence lower maintenance costs as compared to traditional lighting.

Available in LED Candle, Classic, PAR16, MR16, AR111 and Integrated LED Downlight, and with different lamp shapes and bases, the Dim to Warm feature is highly sought-after by discerning customers and interior designers who find it both essential and inspiring as they seek to use eco-friendly Dynamic LED products. For those looking for improved dimming performance with the warmth of halogen, MEGAMAN®’s Dim to Warm LED range is the perfect choice.



MEGAMAN® LED Dim to WARM Dynamic LED Products are available from Lexar Lighting,  South Africa at most competitive prices.


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Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo




Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc Sao Paulo Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo

As part of Nokia’s global brand positioning strategy, Eight Inc. has created a unique interactive retail environment that offers consumers a hands-on product experience that extends brand recognition and fidelity and creates a new venue for generating sales. The primary focus provides an engaging customer experience while furthering the Nokia presence as a leader in innovation and design-driven technology. The flagship retail was established in key locations around the globe, for example Moscow, Shanghai, New York, London, Helsinki, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.

Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc Sao Paulo 02 Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo

The Eight Inc. team developed a space that incorporates the highest level of technology and allows users to engage and learn. The entrance is characterized by Nokia’s signature blue while the interior architecture combines a use of dramatic LED lighting and displays to highlight each product. A perimeter LCD display communicates ever-changing visual messaging bringing human relevance to technology and is visible from the outside drawing people into the store.

Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc Sao Paulo 03 Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo

The Nokia Sao Paulo Flagship store, located in the upscale Jardins District, features four-meter high ceilings and three distinct environments. The first, dedicated to sales, follows the standard architectural model developed for Nokia Flagship stores worldwide. Signature LED color-shifting wall panels illuminate the full range of Nokia wireless devices and accessories, while interactive displays and a contiguous perimeter of LCD screens engage and educate customers about the devices and their features.

Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc Sao Paulo 04 Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo

Behind the sales section, the store opens to a sunlit courtyard with living “green walls” and concrete beams, presenting a striking contrast and a deliberate architectural nod to Brazil’s natural resources and industrial potential. Featuring loose, residential furnishings the courtyard provides customers a comfortable space to sit and use their Nokia devices, and doubles as an event and exhibition space.

Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc Sao Paulo 05 Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo

The Sao Paulo store is the second Nokia Flagship store, after London, to promote the Discover zone, where Nokia associates help customers set up their new devices or learn about features and games. Situated behind the courtyard, it welcomes customers with comfortable seating; LCD screens that link to Nokia devices; and an espresso bar. The development of the Discover zone signifies a renewed emphasis on customer service. Understanding the environmental impact and responsibility of large corporations, the Sao Paulo store is the first location designed and built under Nokia’s new sustainability standards. These criteria ensure a design that minimizes environmental impact and provides a new benchmark for the company to monitor their stores environmental footprint.

Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc Sao Paulo 06 Nokia flagship store by Eight Inc., São Paulo







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LIGHT+WELLNESS Best Trending Apartments

Delos: Wellness Real Estate™


Introducing Delos Living, Wellness Real Estate™, a real estate concept that is holistically integrated into building architecture and design to enhance the health and well-being of the occupants.

Delos, and Manhattan real estate firm, envisions a future where our environments, the places where we live, work and play, contribute actively to our happiness, health and well-being. With this vision, Delos pioneered the concept of Wellness Real Estate™ – merging medicine and science with design and construction to reinvent the role of the built environment on our health.

Delos has broadened the scope beyond just environmental sustainability – by including the best concepts of green technology, they have developed an integrated solution that addresses a complete human sustainability.

Delos Concept: Human Sustainability

The WELL Building Standard® is the first protocol of its kind that focuses on human wellness within the built environment. It identifies specific conditions, that when holistically integrated into building architecture and design, enhance the health and well-being of the occupants. A proprietary protocol, the WELL Building Standard® is the culmination of six years of research developed by Delos, in partnership with leading scientists, doctors, architects and wellness thought leaders.

WELL Building Standard®

Completed Residential Projects in Manhattan:

66 East 11th Street, NEW YORK, NY

66 East 11th Street, NEW YORK, NY

Meatpacking Loft NEW YORK, NY

Meatpacking Loft, NEW YORK, NY


Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Multimillion Dollar ‘Wellness’ Apartments

Actor adds to his New York City real estate with the purchase of one of five new sustainable units at 66 East 11th Street.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s preference for sustainable living is a well known characteristic, but now it appears that the actor, on the verge of turning 40, is also paying attention to wellness.

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in multimillion dollar 'wellness' apartments conceptualized by Delos

The 39-year-old has just invested millions in one of five new state-of-that-art wellness units available at 66 East 11th Street in Greenwich Village. Prices range from $15 million for a three-bedroom to $45M-50M for penthouse/mansion floor plans. Those familiar with green building standards will be pleased to see all the standard features here (soy-based insulation, bamboo floors, LEED-construction, etc.), but it’s the wellness additions that herald a new hybrid approach to sustainable living.

“The simplest way to understand what this home is capable of doing is to think of it like a 24-hour carwash that works on the human body,” Paul D. Scialla, co-founder and the managing partner of Delos, the Manhattan real estate firm that developed the project, told the NY Times.

What kind of healthy-living perks can someone like DiCaprio look forward to? Here’s a bit of wellness geek-speak from the website:

Imagine 50 plus built-in wellness amenities, including vitamin C-infused showers, purified air and water, posture-supportive flooring, a kitchen herbarium, and dawn simulation provided by a proprietary circadian lighting design. Then add access to Donna Karan’s Urban Zen wellness concierge to curate and coordinate your daily wellness experiences, all set in a spectacular condominium building.

Dr. Deepak Chopra

It may sound ridiculous (a vitamin C-infused shower?!), but the science behind the building’s amenities was studied for years with input from Columbia University Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. Even holistic health guru Dr. Deepak Chopra sits on the board of advisers for Delos.

“The environment is you. It is your extended body. Your home is also your extended body. It only stands to reason that the healthier the home, the healthier the body,” explained Dr. Chopra in a press release.

DiCaprio, who will also join the board, praised the firm’s approach to sustainable living saying, “Delos creates innovative building designs that both enhance human health and improve the environment.”

Check out some more pictures of Leo’s new digs over on Curbed.

Article Resources:
Delos Building Wellness website
Leonardo DiCaprio invests in multimillion dollar ‘wellness’ apartments
How to Make Your Home Healthy
Health-Centric Homes






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MGM Grand and DELOS Complete Expansion of Stay Well Experience and Introduce the Stay Well Lounge 


Expansion of @StayWellRooms by @DelosLiving covers entire 14th floor @MGMGrand, new Stay Well Lounge. 

Las Vegas, NV  – In response to guest demand for healthy travel options, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and Delos®, the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™, recently completed an expansion of the Stay Well® room collection and introduced the new Stay Well Lounge, providing Stay Well guests a sanctuary for private registration and relaxation as well as an elevated level of service throughout their stay.

Encompassing the hotel’s entire 14th floor, the Stay Well collection now includes 171 rooms and suites, including a breathtaking Skyline Marquee Suite. These unique accommodations include over 20 evidence-based health and wellness features which allow guests to maintain their healthy lifestyle practices while on the road, whether for business or leisure.

“We introduced Delos’ Stay Well concept in response to guest feedback as well as current trends we were seeing in healthy travel,” said Scott Sibella, president and COO of MGM Grand. “We knew the product would be a welcomed addition in this market, and are thrilled at how quickly word has spread about how you can have the Vegas experience without giving up your commitment to healthy living.”
With its serene private registration area, the new Stay Well Lounge serves as the starting point for a Stay Well experience.  The room, equipped with an air purifier, dawn simulator alarm clock and aromatherapy, allows guests to begin their wellness journey the moment they check in. An iPad kiosk within the lounge features the new Stay Well mobile app designed to assist guests with a variety of wellness recommendations including how to reduce the effects of jetlag throughout their Vegas getaway.
Delos Founder Paul Scialla said, “Las Vegas and MGM Grand have been a great market for introducing Delos’ wellness technologies through our Stay Well product. The expansion of the wellness experience beyond the hotel room through our new Stay Well mobile app and lounge check-in is a direct result of the strong appetite for a healthier, wellness-oriented travel experience.”

The in-room Stay Well experience features:

  • Stay Well Vitamin C Infused Shower: shower water infused with Vitamin C which neutralizes chlorine to promote healthy hair and skin
  • Stay Well Air Purifier: the most advanced HEPA-standard air purification system reduces allergens, toxins and pathogens, creating better air quality and breathing
  • Water Purification System: reduces disinfectant byproducts, chlorine, pesticides and some pharmaceutical and personal care products for the cleanest, most purified in-room water


  • Warm White Room Lightingimproves the body’s internal clock by assisting in the regulation of melatonin production and sleep/wake cycles
  • Energizing Light Therapyexposes guests to short periods of blue-shaded lighting to increase energy and reverse the effects of jetlag
  • Stay Well Dawn Simulator: awakens the body gradually
  • Circadian Dimmable Bedside Lightingnatural, warm-glow LED bedside lighting that can be customized to enhance sleep
  • NightlightingLED lamps illuminate pathways at night without disturbing melatonin levels


  • Black-Out Shades: supports the room’s jet lag recovery features by fully eliminating outdoor lighting sources to improve sleep quality and duration
  • Healthy Mattress: an all-natural mattress made without harmful VOCs, toxic chemicals and off-gases, which provides posture support and comfort layers to diminish pressure points, reducing tossing and turning
  • Cedar Baseboards: natural properties keep enclosed spaces fresh and dry
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser: optional aroma infusion for Stay Well guests
  • EMF Shielding: protects Stay Well guests from electrical equipment that emanates sleep-disruptive Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
  • WELL Shield™: a photo catalytic coating applied to high-touch areas throughout the room and bathroom to break down bacteria, virus and VOCs on bacteria-susceptible surfaces
  • Healthy In-Room Menu: offers a variety of healthy choices, most of which include natural organic ingredients rich in Omega 3 – all available 24 hours a day
  • Mini-Bar Amenities: includes yogurt-covered raisins, raw almonds and coconut water, among other healthy items
  • Cleveland Clinic Exclusive Access: wellness software includes stress management, sleep and nutrition programs, as well as access to healthy food/drink options developed by the Cleveland Clinic, which guests can use for up to 60 days after their stay


About MGM Grand
MGM Grand is “The Entertainment Authority,” creating the ultimate Las Vegas experience.  The hotel features the astonishing KÀ by Cirque du Soleil; Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club; master illusionist David Copperfield and world-class entertainment at the Grand Garden Arena and Hollywood Theatre.  MGM Grand offers signature restaurants by celebrity chefs including Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak, Michael Mina’s PUB 1842, Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans Fish House, Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & Grill and Michelin three star and Forbes Five Star restaurant, Joël Robuchon. The resort recently remodeled all rooms and suites in its main tower and launched the industry’s first-ever STAY WELL Collection. MGM Grand is home to many of today’s hottest DJs including Tiësto, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki who share residencies between the brand new Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub and WET REPUBLIC, The Strip’s hottest day life destination. The hotel also features a state-of-the-art, non-smoking Five Green Key conference center, the Grand Spa, Cristophe Salon, CSI: The Experience and an inviting six-acre pool complex. Upscale accommodations include SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand, an exclusive boutique luxury hotel within the hotel and The Signature at MGM Grand, a luxury all-suite, non-gaming hotel located adjacent to the main resort. MGM Grand is a wholly owned subsidiary of MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM).  For more information and reservations, visit or call toll free at (877) 880-0880 or find us onFacebook and Twitter or follow our blog.

About Delos
A U.S.-based real estate developer, Delos® pioneered Wellness Real Estate™, which incorporates amenities that enhance human health and well-being. In 2012, Delos introduced the WELL Building Standard®, the world’s first evidence-based building standard focused on enhancing health and well-being through the built environment. Currently in pilot, the WELL certification is provided through the International WELL Building Institute.  Delos designs include an array of innovative, built-in amenities that research suggests may improve occupant well-being including: cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep health, orthopedic health, weight and metabolism management, stress reduction, mood enhancement, cognition and memory enhancement, health literacy and health behavior motivation. More information on Delos and its Advisory Board is available at


Media Contacts: 

MGM Grand:
Suzie Rugh
MGM Resorts International Public Relations
(702) 891-1810

Callie Shumaker
Nike Communications, Inc.



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Dental Clinic Angels by YLAB Arquitectos



Dental Clinic Angels Barcelona
Brand image and interior design project for the dental office Dental Angels in Barcelona’s central Ensanche Neighborhood, in a small and narrow space at street level designed by YLAB Arquitectos practices.
Dental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels BarcelonaDental Clinic Angels Barcelona

From the Architects:

Brand image and interior design project for the dental office Dental Angels in Barcelona’s central Ensanche Neighborhood, in a small and narrow space at street level.

The owner, a young doctor, wanted to create a modern and functional clinic that reflects the charm and pleasantness suggested by its name: Dental Angels.

The aims of the project were to achieve a differentiating image, elegant while accessible, professional and fresh. The spaces had to be wide and bright and the ambience warm and comfortable. For this purpose, an organic distribution was proposed were all the functions would be placed in a unique continuous space that would suggest dynamism and a spacious feel.

White color was chosen as a base color, adding gold and light blue accents by corporative elements like the golden signs, elements like the cylindrical displays or the RGB LED linear indirect light. Timeless materials or finishes like white satin lacquer, laminated panels for the clinical furniture or light linoleum for the pavements are used, combined with surfaces that add lightness and warmth like the gold aluminium or the walnut.

Light colors, curved shapes and the indirect lighting which goes through all the areas, convey the sensation of calm and balance both for patients and medical staff.

Project: Dental Clinic Angels
Designed by YLAB Arquitectos
Authors: Tobias Laarmann & Yolanda Yuste López
Graphic Design: Oi Comunicació / Silvia Civit Studio
Photography: Ciro Frank Schiappa
Area: 108 m2
Location: Barcelona, Spain

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Best Light + Future Hotels 2014 – mondrian London hotel by Tom Dixon

mondrian London Hotel interiors + Lighting by Tom Dixon’s design research studio

“ inspired by Cruise Liner & Nautical deco theme ”



credits : Philip Stevens / Designboom – Oct 06 – 2014

mondrian london hotel interiors by tom dixon’s design research studio 
all images courtesy of peer lindgreen

opening earlier this year, design research studio – under the creative direction of tom dixon – has completed the interiors for the mondrian london hotel. situated on the banks of the river thames, the original structure was finalized in the 1970s by american warren platner – an architect who was also known for his distinctive cruise liner designs.


mondrian london hotel interiors by tom dixon's design research studio

tom dixon design research studio mondrian london designboom

the architecture of the hotel spa is organized around a secret water feature


referencing the building’s nautical form, the hotel encapsulates the elegance of a 1920s transatlantic ship, with copper cladding leading guests inside an expansive reception lobby. building on the extensive metal finishes already in place, a matrix of brasswork permeates the design, framing each bedroom door and eventually morphing into a rooftop cocktail bar that boasts views across the british capital.

tom dixon design research studio mondrian london designboom

the scheme’s 359 bedrooms contain bespoke furnishings with rich and bold color palettes

the scheme’s 359 bedrooms contain bespoke furniture with rich color palettes that provide a stark contrast with the metallic detailing. continuing the maritime theme, bathrooms draw on marine engineering incorporating porthole mirrors that are usually found on board ships. the architecture of the hotel spa is organized around a secret water feature, with the color scheme gradating from white through to darker tones, designed to encourage and facilitate relaxation.

tom dixon design research studio mondrian london designboom

a matrix of brasswork runs throughout the design, framing carefully chosen details

tom dixon design research studio mondrian london designboom

luxurious materials provide a stark contrast with metallic detailing

tom dixon design research studio mondrian london designboom

the nautical theme continues inside the hotel bar

tom dixon design research studio mondrian london designboom

the building is situated along the banks of the river thames

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